Synod Updates


The Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment is currently taking place at the Vatican from October 3-28. At a time when “the credibility of the bishops is at a low ebb,” what are the Church leaders discussing? And what can we expect to come of it?

Navigating the muddled – either diluted or dramatized – conversations of the Synod at such a tumultuous time can be difficult for a lay Catholic several thousand miles from the Vatican. Though Rome seems distant, there are several scholars bringing the questions, interventions, and actions of the Synod to the local Church.

Start with George Weigel’s piece “Saving the Synod from Itself” published in September, outlining the hopes and challenges of the Synod before it began. Continue with Weigel’s column series in First Things, giving an inside look with fresh updates on the happenings in Rome. Read also the daily “Letters from the Synod” with compiled commentary and testimony from several scholars (excerpts below).

Read Edward Pentin’s first week review and stay updated with his blogs at the National Catholic Register. JD Flynn offers the possible perspectives of the U.S. delegation, and the rest of his team at Catholic News Agency will also produce comprehensive and honest reporting.

Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Team is posting videos and behind-the-scenes looks into the gathering, offering the perspective of one of our US bishops. Sign up to receive the Word From Rome.

Staying updated on the Synod is a productive way to step up to the lay initiative necessary to lead the Church on a path of healing. Let us continue to pray for our Holy Father, all bishops attending the Synod, and the universal Church – for their sake, and for ours.

by Natalie Robertson


Letters from the Synod: Excerpts

Testimony from Dr. Deborah Savage

Testimony from Mary Rice Hasson

Worldliness, Mediocrity, and Us” from Stephen White