How Controlling Pop Culture Helps The Left Dominate Abortion Debates

May 20, 2019 | Published first in The Federalist

by Carrie Gress

New pro-life laws in Georgia and Alabama have elicited predictable responses from pro-abortion activists. Framing the pro-life argument as an attack on women, Alyssa Milano suggested a sex strike, while Linda Sarsour was quick to blame white women for supporting the patriarchy.

With the left’s sacrament of the left under fire, pro-abortion women are trotting out the same old tired arguments, ignoring the reality that millions of women are pro-life, including Gov. Kay Ivey, who signed Alabama’s bill into law. On “The View,” Meghan McCain, one of the few pro-life voices in media,said “[Pro-life] women like me are always left out of the conversation.” Millions of pro-life women seem to be invisible in abortion debates, or worse, they’re labeled “problematic.

So why are millions of women who don’t see abortion as women’s salvation continually ignored? . . .  Read more at The Federalist