Podcast: The Supreme Court and a Post-Roe World

Conversations with Consequences:

Ep. 137 Supreme Court and a Post-Roe World

Erika Bachiochi and Dr. Deborah Savage

As oral arguments are heard this week at the Supreme Court on one of the most consequential abortion cases of this generation, Dr. Grazie Christie and Maureen Ferguson devote the entire hour to the Mississippi abortion ban delving into delicate details behind the case with legal scholar and author Erika Bachiochi of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Professor Deborah Savage of Franciscan University also joins with a philosophical look on ways in which our minds and culture must change in order for us to heal the wounds that have ravaged our land as we look to a Post-Roe world. Father Roger Landry also calls us to pray at this pivotal moment for a conversion of heart.

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