2019 Symposium: Topic

Man and Woman in Dialogue

on Identity, Complementarity, and Mission

June 26-27, 2019

Washington, DC


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The symposium will begin with a short reflection on the crisis of masculinity (fatherhood) and femininity (motherhood) which affects the culture and the Church in profound ways. We will work from the ground up, so to speak, covering the physical and psychological differences between men and women, then complementarity, and follow with a deeper look at Christian anthropology and specific aspects of femininity and masculinity. The final segment will look at specific challenges the Church is facing related to problems of masculinity and femininity, including homosexuality and the abuse crisis (a crisis of fatherhood) and ecclesiology (particularly the relationship between the clergy and the laity).


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Mary Hasson



Natalie Robertson




Presented by The Catholic Women’s Forum, a program of the Ethics and Public Policy Center
co-sponsored by the Siena Symposium