President Biden, Take a Stand for Life!

January 22, 2021 | Published first in Newsweek

In a bold column at Newsweek, Mary Eberstadt, a scholar at the Faith and Reason Institute and leading Catholic writer, urges President Biden to demonstrate a Catholic conviction to the dignity of all life, including the unborn. She invites him to proclaim his commitment to all life, in including the unborn, at the annual March for Life. In 2015, President Biden told America magazine that “I’m prepared to accept doctrine on a whole range of issues as a Catholic. … I’m prepared to accept as a matter of faith — my wife and I, my family — the issue of abortion.” If this is sincere, then he has a duty now to use the “bully pulpit” to speak in support of life. A President leads, educates, and advocates for the policies he believes are right and good for the nation. Regrettably, over the past few years President Biden has increasingly championed the “pro-choice” position as a matter of public policy, saying “I’m not prepared to … impose a rigid view … born out of my faith, on other people…”

That view was mistaken in the past. Today, that view is not only mistaken but dangerous. As President, he must decide whether he will turn the clock back on the pro-life advances made under the Trump administration by blessing — and funding — the bloody work of Planned Parenthood. Or will he begin a new chapter in his own public life and step forward boldly in defense of all life? President Biden has an opportunity to turn his own heart, and the hearts of all Americans, towards the vulnerable unborn child. He has the platform and resources to ensure that no woman ever seeks an abortion because she lacks support to carry and raise their children. In his inauguration, President Biden urged Americans to support and care for the vulnerable and marginalized. Now it is time for him to heed his own words and reject the brutal abortion policies championed by his own party — to reject abortion, the public funding of abortion, and the promotion of abortion in the UN and abroad.

Please read Mary Eberstadt’s article in full, here, and let the White House know where you stand: