Mary Rice Hasson on Washington Journal

September 1, 2015 | Published first in Mirror of Justice

EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson spoke beautifully and knowledgeably of the Catholic faith, Pope Francis’ visit to the US (including the President’s “unseemly” welcome committee), and contentious issues such as homosexuality, capitalism and climate change on Washington Journal this morning. If each of us had Mary’s poise, elegance, and warmth in our conversations with those who are troubled by different teachings of the Church (or comments of the Pope), I bet we’d have far more Americans flocking to the pews.

Mary spearheaded and now directs a new initiative at EPPC called the Catholic Women’s Forum. Fellow MoJer, Lisa Schiltz and I are on the Forum’s Advisory Board and have participated in its conferences (the first of which inspired this book). Mary hopes the group will be a “voice to the culture, a resource for the Church.”

From the website:

Pope Francis has invited Catholic women to think with the Church in addressing the problems of today. The Catholic Women’s Forum, directed by EPPC Fellow Mary Hasson, responds to this call, amplifying the voice of Catholic women—leading female Catholic professionals, scholars, and other experts—on crucial issues of today.


The Catholic Women’s Forum helps shape conversations in the Church and in the culture—about marriage and family, gender and sexuality, the role of women, religious liberty, and the dignity of human life—through expert commentary, presentations, scholarly articles, and in national and international conferences.

We have a gracious, able and courageous leader in Mary Rice Hasson.