Introducing the Person & Identity Project

In 2017, the Catholic Women’s Forum launched its Gender Project to respond to the growing gender revolution. CWF organized a multi-disciplinary team of theologians, philosophers, attorneys, and medical/psychology professionals committed to further research and collaboration to assist the Church in addressing the challenges presented by gender ideology.

Since then, CWF experts have assisted schools and diocesan staff in 25+ dioceses and have given over 200 presentations across the globe, including:

  • Clergy formation days for bishops, priests, and deacons
  • Workshops for seminarians and religious sisters
  • Lectures for university students and faculty
  • In-service day workshops for diocesan teachers and pastoral staff
  • Talks and presentations for teenagers and parents

Thanks to a generous grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute, CWF’s Gender Project has expanded and developed into a new initiative — The Person and Identity Project — entirely dedicated to equipping Catholic families, schools, and parishes to address the challenges presented by gender ideology.

Our new website includes FAQs, Lecture videos, Parent Resources and Toolkits, Staff Training Resources, and our extensive Resource bank that covers all questions parents, schools, and parishes may have.

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