Framing a Catholic Response to Gender Ideology – Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary

St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, in cooperation with the Catholic Women’s Forum and Courage International, sponsored a conference in May 2017 on framing a Catholic response to Gender Ideology. The conference offered talks from the medical, psychological, philosophical, theological, pastoral, and legal perspectives.  The conference helped participants frame a proactive, truthful and compassionate response to gender ideology as it arose in the diocesan context. The conference was held in Denver at St. John Vianney’s campus from Tuesday, May 16 through Thursday, May 18.

Video links:

Introduction – Father Scott Traynor, JCL, Rector, Susan Selner-Wright, PhD

Transgender Surgery and Christian Anthropology – Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD

What Does the Science and Practice of Psychology Tell Us about Gender Identity? – Suzanne Hollman, PsyD, MSc

Presentation Q & A Suzanne Hollman, PsyD, MSc & Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD

Why is Gender Ideology Incompatible with Catholicism? – Susan Selner-Wright, PhD

The Emperor’s (New) New Clothes:  A Look at the Logic of the (Not So) New Gender Ideology – Margaret Harper McCarthy, PhD

Welcoming and Accompanying Catholics Experiencing Confusion About Sexual Identity  –  Father Philip Bochanski

The Cultural Impact of Gender Ideology: What Happened and How Did It Happen So Fast? – Mary Rice Hasson, JD

The Legal Situation in the US  – Helen Alvaré, JD

Panel Discussion – Helen Alvaré, JD, Father Philip Bochanski, Mary Rice Hasson, JD, Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD, Margaret Harper McCarthy, PhD, and Susan Selner-Wright, PhD