Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new website of the Catholic Women’s Forum—our latest initiative to amplify the voice of Catholic women in support of Catholic teachings, and to connect Catholic women to each other and to the Church. The website will be a great complement to the work we already do: we host an annual scholars’ symposium for Catholic women, providing academic papers and expertise to the institutional Church; we sponsor networking events for Catholic women; and we offer media training for select Catholic experts. In addition, our affiliated experts write columns, academic articles, and books on topics important to the Church’s mission, speak to audiences nationally and internationally, and present the Catholic perspective on a variety of media platforms, including the web, TV, radio, and video.

Though still a work in progress, our website is rich in great content—we invite you to enjoy it all: insightful articles by Catholic women, magnificent resources, from Church documents to great books to short videos on issues women care about; and our “Connect” page, which provides information and a way to connect to many dynamic groups already serving women in the Church, such as ENDOW, the National Council of Catholic Women, the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, Walking with Purpose, Women in the New Evangelization, and others.

Because ours is a universal Church, our website includes a “Vatican” section, where we will share with you the exciting work being done by the Women’s Office in the new Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. Our Vatican pages also link to doctrinal or papal statements pertaining to women, and the insightful writings of women theologians and leaders who have presented papers at recent Vatican conferences.

And we invite you to check out our “People” pages as well, where we highlight women experts on particular topics. In coming weeks, this section will include a new “profile” feature, as we share the stories of 50 outstanding Catholic women serving the Church.

Finally, we invite you to connect with us—sign up for our newsletter or be in touch by email, on Facebook, or Twitter. We welcome your thoughts, reactions, and suggestions about the website but more generally about how we can serve you, as we strive to fulfill our mission of amplifying the voice of Catholic women in the Church and in the culture, always in support of Catholic teachings. It’s great to have you with us!

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!


Mary Rice Hasson

Director, Catholic Women’s Forum